Ambrosia -

Botanical :: 1003-10-YDW

Ambrosia -

Chestnut :: 1003-20-YDW

Ambrosia -

Dark Chocolate :: 1003-30-YDW

Ambrosia -

Poppy :: 1003-40-YDW


A beautiful updated take on contemporary. This square design nods to ethnic roots. Woven with a polyester blend, this fabric is inherently flame retardant and suitable for bedding and drapery. It comes in four earthy color combinations.

Yarn Dyed Woven

Width: 54" wide

Repeat: 27" V x 27" H

Content: 56% Polyester, 44% FR Polyester

Flame Retardant Codes: NFPA 701

End Use: Bedding, Drapery

Country of Origin: United States

Country of Origin: USA

Base Cloth Spec Sheet (PDF)

Discontinued - Limited Quantity Available